As a homeowner and small business owner in the Hollywood Hills West district, I have seen first-hand the transportation issues facing our neighborhood. We need sensible and progressive solutions to our traffic and transportation concerns that will serve all members of our community – both residents and businesses. That’s why I’m running for Transportation Chair of the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council.

The role of Neighborhood Councils is to engage with local stakeholders and advocate for their views, needs and concerns to the city government. As Transportation Chair, I promise to listen to your transportation, traffic and parking issues and work on your behalf to address them with the city of Los Angeles.

Please join me in my effort to make the Hollywood Hills West neighborhood a safer, more enjoyable place to walk, drive, park and cycle.

If you live, work or own property within the neighborhood boundaries, you are considered a stakeholder and can vote in the Hollywood Hills West neighborhood council elections. Look up your address and determine if you are a stakeholder in the Hollywood Hills West district. You may also be an eligible stakeholder if you meet other criteria – learn more >