Election FAQs

Neighborhood Council elections will be held on May 1, 2016 during the hours of 12 pm to 4 pm. Voting for the Hollywood Hills West district will take place at the Will & Ariel Durant Library, 7140 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90046. There is no vote-by-mail, absentee or online voting for our district.

Who is eligible to vote?

Anyone who is a stakeholder within the district and 18 years of age or order may vote. A stakeholder is anyone who lives, works or owns property within the neighborhood boundaries. You may also be a stakeholder if you have an ongoing interest or “stake” in the neighborhood, such as attending a church or belonging to a club within the boundaries.

Do I need to register to vote in advance?

No. Eligible stakeholders can register at the polling location (Will & Ariel Durant Library) on Election Day. Hollywood Hills West uses “self-affirmation” to determine eligibility – this means you simply need to tell the pollworker why you are a stakeholder in order to register. You do not need to bring any proof that you live, work or own property within the neighborhood boundaries. You will be asked to verify your stakeholder status through written self-affirmation.

If you are voting as a stakeholder who has a stake in the neighborhood other than living, working or owning property, you may wish to bring supporting documentation in case there is a question of your stakeholder status.

Can I register or vote online?

No. All registration and voting must be done in person on Election Day at the polling place.

Anything else I should know?

Campaigning for any candidate (electioneering) within 100 feet of the polling place is not allowed. This includes handing out printed material, verbal campaigning, wearing clothing or stickers promoting a candidate, etc. Please refrain from any campaigning near the polling place on Election Day.