Transportation Issues

The Transportation Chair is focused on all transportation-related issues that affect our neighborhood.


While traffic will always be a problem, I believe there are many ways we can minimize congestion through better data collection and input from our stakeholders. I would like to see a community effort to gather information on persistent areas of gridlock in our neighborhoods. Once we have identified the worst areas for congestion, we can work with the city to propose solutions such as turn arrows, turn lanes and signage.

Street closures, especially along Hollywood Boulevard, have a significant impact on traffic in our neighborhood. While the neighborhood council does send out notifications of these closures in advance, I would like to investigate additional methods of communication to local residents when streets will be closed for premieres and other events so that residents have more time to plan. I’d also like to work with the city to improve signage for upcoming closures so that commuters will have more notice to plan alternate routes in advance.


In a dense urban area, parking will always be an issue. Even in the Hollywood Hills with little commercial development, there are ways we can improve the parking situation for residents, visitors and shoppers.

I strongly support the city’s efforts to simplify parking signage to decrease parking tickets which can be a financial strain on many stakeholders. Better signage would also reduce non-permit holding drivers from using parking spaces that renters and homeowners rely on.

We must incentivize and work with developers and business owners to ensure that adequate parking is part of new residential and commercial projects. Before a new business is approved, we must consider whether existing parking lots, street parking and valets will support the expected increase in vehicles utilizing the business.

Finally, I would like to open a dialogue with FilmLA to determine how we can minimize the negative impact of street parking closures on our residents. While I strongly support the film industry in Los Angeles, I believe we can work with productions to more fairly and effectively provide parking for production vehicles without having a negative impact on residents who have nowhere else to park.

Pedestrian Safety

Many of us walk or bike instead of driving to do our daily errands, shopping and dining. Now more than ever, pedestrian safety should be a key focus of the Transportation Chair’s responsibilities.

Data collection and analysis is critical to determining where pedestrian safety is at risk from cars and bicycles. With a better understanding of where pedestrian accidents are most likely to occur, we can work with the city to add street signage, street lights, speed bumps, flashing crosswalks and other measures where needed. I would also like to work with law enforcement to identify intersections where regular police presence would deter speeding, drivers running stop signs and other dangerous driving which can result in pedestrian accidents.

Public Transportation

I believe that having a convenient and effective public transportation system is critical to the future of Los Angeles. We must work with the city to identify how we can increase public transportation routes for both buses and trains. I would also like to see improved signage at bus stops so that residents will know the times and routes of buses without having to look them up online. The more accessible we can make public transportation, the more it will be used by the public.


The expansion of bike lanes in Los Angeles has increased the number of bicyclists on the road and I believe we must support those who choose to bike for recreational and environmental reasons. However, the city needs to improve its education of both drivers and bicyclists on how we can better “share the road” to reduce accidents and traffic congestion.

While the city does request input from the public on its master bike lane plan, I would like to see our neighborhood council improve its outreach to residents to ensure that full input from our community is gathered and communicated to the city on new proposed bike lanes. Residents, drivers and bicyclists should all have a voice in where new bike lanes are implemented and considerations should be given to existing traffic density, street width, parking and pedestrian safety.

Since more streets now include bike lanes, I would also like to work with law enforcement to reduce the number of bicyclists riding on sidewalks, which presents a hazard to both pedestrians and drivers.


With the rise in popularity of Uber and Lyft, our neighborhood has seen an increase of cars driving through and double-parking on our streets. We must work with the city to ensure that issues of safety, liability and vehicle signage are addressed with these companies. In addition, I would like to gather feedback from stakeholders to identify any problems resulting from the increase of Uber and Lyft usage in our neighborhood so that the city us aware of the impact on residents.