Campaign Goals

My campaign is based on three primary goals:

1. Bring more transparency to the process

2. Make meetings more productive so we can respect your time, get more accomplished and produce better projects

3. Increase stakeholder involvement by providing more opportunities for participation and empowering you with information and tools

So what does this mean in practice?

If elected, these are some ways I’d like to achieve those goals as Vice President and PLUM Chair:

  • Provide all applicants with a standard form to fill out with basic project details; this form will be posted online as soon I receive it so stakeholders can get an overview of the project sooner
  • Post all project plans/applications/documents on the website multiple weeks in advance of PLUM meetings, and email them to those subscribed to the PLUM email list
  • Invite all interested stakeholders to attend any site visits or project location tours offered by applicants
  • Audio record all meetings to ensure discussions and motions are accurately captured for the minutes and future reference
  • Bring back the position of Vice Chair to help facilitate meetings and ensure all stakeholders have a chance to be heard
  • Have stand-alone meetings for large projects so stakeholders and applicants have more time to discuss and work the project
  • Email project updates and post them on the website to save time at meetings and distribute this valuable information more widely
  • Post all hearing dates and comment deadlines on the HHWNC website calendar so stakeholders know when and how they can participate in the planning process
  • Encourage HHWNC areas to create vision statements for their areas so we can let applicants know what types of projects neighborhoods want to see (and know work successfully)
  • Host workshops to educate and empower stakeholders with topics like Zoning 101, How to Use ZIMAS (online City Planning mapping tool), How to Review a Project Application, How to Effectively Write Comment Letters, etc

Please come vote for me on Sunday, March 31 from 10 am to 4 pm at the Durant Library (7140 Sunset Blvd, 90046)